What are your age and height requirements?

To protect your back, we need drivers to be seated with their backs fully against the seat with no gaps and able to fully depress the brake and gas pedals without any slouching or reaching. Nearly everybody meets this requirement 37″ (97cm) high, measured from belly button to ground and 4’8″ (142cm) in height, but due to body differences, some unfortunately do not. Please understand this is about your safety and we want as many people to have fun as possible and not be disappointed. Many kids have lots of fun riding with their friends. These are the requirements:

  • To ride a kart with a driver, you need to be 4 years of age.
  • To drive a standard kart, you need to be 10 years of age and meet the height and pedal requirements above.
  • To drive a performance kart, you need to be 16 with a drivers license or 19 with picture ID.
  • DOT-approved helmets are mandatory and we supply them for free!
  • Watch the following safety video for more information

Do you have double karts for people not meeting the age or height restrictions and does the passenger pay as well?

We have 18 double karts that seat two people and the passenger rides for free.

How young can a passenger be to ride in the Karts?

Passengers can be as young as 4 years of age.

How long do I get to drive for, and how much time should I allow for a ride?

Ten minutes is your guaranteed minimum time, but we always stretch that out longer as much as possible depending on how busy the track is. Getting everyone in the karts, safely belted in, out on the track, then getting them all back into the pit can take up to 25 minutes per ride. Therefore allow about an hour for two rides.

Is one ride one lap around the track?

Much more. An average driver in a standard kart will take just over one minute per lap, so you should get at least 9 laps of the track for your one ride, likely more if you have a lead foot, and definitely more if you drive one of our High Performance Karts. Of course, we always try to stretch out your ride for as long as possible depending on how busy the track is.

Can my whole party get out on the track together?

We can get up to 25 karts on the track per race so most groups certainly will be able to race each other.

Is there a place to eat and hold a party inside?

Parties can be held inside our games room which can accommodate up to 10 picnic tables. In addition, if the weather is not too bad, we have a covered patio area which has 20 picnic tables.

How fast do your karts go?

Our karts go 22 MPH or 35 km/h. With the low-to-the-ground karts, fun track, and wind in your face, and a group of karts to keep you on your toes, even hard core speedsters will have fun. Our Sodi high performance karts go even faster, 30 MPH or 50 km/h and accelerate harder. They are a blast.

Is it safe for children?

Above and beyond the safety features of the karts, we provide a list of rules and procedures that limit the risk of accidents and these rules are monitored during the race. Violators will be brought into the pit for a warning or removed from the race. The drivers are given a speech outlining key safety tips to having a safe race prior to going out. In addition, we have a remote control system that will shut down the karts if required.

How long is the track?

The track is half a mile long (0.8 km) which is the largest in western Canada.

Can we bring our own food?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and enjoy our covered and outdoor areas. Some groups even bring BBQ’s and turn the event into a picnic.

Do you have many parties for children under your age restriction?

Yes we do and it is a great way to meet the parents of the children your child is friends with.

Is there a time limit you can be here for a party?

Generally a party lasts around two hours, but there is no restriction on how long you are here. We have had parties that have been here over three hours.